Mission & History

Village Glen Tennis & Pickleball

This fall of 2023 ushers in an exciting transformation for Village Glen Tennis & Pickleball (formerly Village Glen Tennis Club), highlighted by the introduction of six cutting-edge pickleball courts and a range of innovative pickleball programming. Village Glen has a rich history that dates back to the 1970s when it emerged as a guiding light in the thriving tennis industry. As the sport gained momentum and the club became an integral part of the north towns’ community, its success skyrocketed. In December 2006, a change in ownership marked a new era of expansion to cater to a broader audience.

Today, rebranded as Village Glen Tennis & Pickleball, the facility has undergone a comprehensive revitalization. Enhanced amenities include a redesigned Pro Shop, Pro Office, a welcoming new modern lobby, business office, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and state-of-the-art dedicated pickleball courts.

South Towns Tennis & Pickleball

South Towns Tennis & Pickleball (formerly South Towns Tennis Club) boasts a storied history dating back to the early 1970s, emerging as a pioneering facility for tennis enthusiasts in the South Towns region. In an era when tennis was the sport of choice, the club established a foundation of enduring excellence. Despite changing times, our unwavering commitment to core values remains steadfast. Over decades, South Towns Tennis Club consistently raised standards, setting a true benchmark for excellence.

Under the leadership of Terry McMahon, coach of the Orchard Park Tennis team, South Towns organized clinics, lessons, and nurtured a formidable junior’s program, a legacy that continues to foster top-ranking players.